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Column: Embrace a freedom agenda

Eliminate the personal income tax. Let’s try this again. The state House this year tried and failed to roll back “temporary” income tax hikes instituted by the state’s most notorious job killer, former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. They should try again – and again – until they find a way to keep their promise of income tax relief for Michigan workers. Granholm’s tax hikes need to be permanently blown-away.

Pro-freedom policy changes in recent years have made Michigan better. But it’s renewal requires a lot more relentless positive action. The operative word being action.

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Column: UM’s intolerant environment

Even without active obstruction, limitations on speech rights or fear of bullying and intimidation because of one’s political persuasion can chill expressive activity and result in censorship.

To be clear, free speech is not an absolute defense of all speech. But it does cover speech that might make us uncomfortable, that challenges, that provokes us to consider another view and it certainly covers that which is different.

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Column: Campaigns should eschew predators

The problem hasn’t been her staff (Whitmer) — it’s been her own terrible judgment. Why embrace felons and alleged sex predators? Because if she’s going to rescue her failing candidacy, Whitmer personally feels she has to. Of all the indictments of her campaign, that may be the most damning.

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Clips: Lawmakers face gay rights, road tax, election issues

Orginally published by the Detroit News, November 24, 2014, here.

Lansing — State lawmakers return to the capital Tuesday for the start of a marathon three-week session where the outgoing GOP House and Senate leaders hope to cement their legacies by settling some contentious issues.

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Clips: Lt. Gov Brian Calley gets nomination

Orginally published by the Detroit News, August 23, 2014, here.

Novi — Lt. Gov. Brian Calley survived a contentious nomination fight at Saturday’s Republican state convention, fending off challenger Wes Nakagiri and rejoining Gov. Rick Snyder on the November ballot.

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