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Column: Dems unfairly target charter schools

If charter school parents, teachers, and advocates don’t get serious about saving schools in 2018, they may very well not have safe, high-quality schools left in many communities — urban, suburban and rural.

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Column: Liberal policy scary as violent behavior

Each of the Democratic candidates for governor has promised to ban these schools and to force tens of thousands of Michigan kids out of the schools that help them succeed and back into the failure factories they fled. Beyond their rhetoric, Democrat promises are almost as scary as their violent intolerance.

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Clips: Lawmakers face gay rights, road tax, election issues

Orginally published by the Detroit News, November 24, 2014, here.

Lansing — State lawmakers return to the capital Tuesday for the start of a marathon three-week session where the outgoing GOP House and Senate leaders hope to cement their legacies by settling some contentious issues.

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