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Opinion: Trouble with transparency saddles governor with credibility gap in crisis

By Greg McNeilly

The New York Times editorial board assailed Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for moves she’s made to hide data and public records from voters and the media in the midst of the global COVID-19 health crisis.

The Gray Lady blistered Whitmer,

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Opinion: Michiganians prioritize their neighbors’ needs

Greg McNeillyPublished 10:18 p.m. ET March 18,

For the next few weeks at least, Michiganians are going to experience a very new kind of normal. Schools are closed. Parishioners are gathering for Sunday morning worship on the internet. Businesses are encouraging their team members to work remotely.

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Essay |Population Growth Can Save the Planet

Essay originally appeared on Medium, here.

In a recent Democrat climate change debate, a question about population control was met by thunderous applause. Its response equally applauded.

Pundits and critics bellyached and ballyhooed over the politics of this question and answer; each scoring the plus or minus of its political posturing in the never-ending politics-as-entertainment pageant.

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Column: New GOP Tax scheme is crony capitalism

Originally published in the Detroit News on September 19, 2020.

Does anyone in Lansing care about taxpayers and working families?

Politicians like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer want a massive $2.5 billion tax hike to fix roads and fund other special interests.

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Column: ‘Big lies’ worse than ‘fake news’

Big lies are rooted in something much deeper and pervasive – they infect our media and politicos’ basic understanding of the world and how it works, and in doing so, affect the way they report, communicate, and govern. They become the cement that keep rigid ideologies inflexible.

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Column: Republicans getting the job done

What a difference eight years makes. Our public schools are being funded at a higher level than ever before, and they’re now anticipating the biggest single-year funding boost in nearly two decades. Not that you’d know it listening to Democrats and their union shills.

They’ve made big headlines this year with chants and hyperbole claiming Democrats are the answer to greater public school investment. Unfortunately for them, the facts and data tell a very different story. Republicans, it turns out, get the job done.

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Column: Embrace a freedom agenda

Eliminate the personal income tax. Let’s try this again. The state House this year tried and failed to roll back “temporary” income tax hikes instituted by the state’s most notorious job killer, former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. They should try again – and again – until they find a way to keep their promise of income tax relief for Michigan workers. Granholm’s tax hikes need to be permanently blown-away.

Pro-freedom policy changes in recent years have made Michigan better. But it’s renewal requires a lot more relentless positive action. The operative word being action.

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Column: UM’s intolerant environment

Even without active obstruction, limitations on speech rights or fear of bullying and intimidation because of one’s political persuasion can chill expressive activity and result in censorship.

To be clear, free speech is not an absolute defense of all speech. But it does cover speech that might make us uncomfortable, that challenges, that provokes us to consider another view and it certainly covers that which is different.

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Hypocrisy thee hath a name!

Within an hour of President-elect Trump’s announcement for Secretary of Education, some people were sending private “congrats” while then going on  to plug for personal profit a failed scheme to turn Detroit’s schools over to a corrupt big-city mayor.


Some people’s craven sense of profit,

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Lansing should say NO to the corporate cronyism of SB 437


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