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Column: Don’t hijack Michigan’s Constitution

Orginally published in the Detroit News, September 27, 2018, here.

By Greg McNeilly

Forty days from now all of Michigan’s votes will be cast. Michigan will elect new management. Really new management. None of Michigan’s top executives (governor,

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Column: Part-time Legislature threatens represenation

The scheme is a wholesale power grab by the executive branch, unweighting the originally designed separate but equal and balanced government. Our separation of powers, many argue, is our Constitution’s most salient accomplishment. This wisdom would literally be traded for folly.

Voters who value representative democracy — or a republic — should reject this misguided and dangerous proposal.

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Column: ‘Big lies’ worse than ‘fake news’

Big lies are rooted in something much deeper and pervasive – they infect our media and politicos’ basic understanding of the world and how it works, and in doing so, affect the way they report, communicate, and govern. They become the cement that keep rigid ideologies inflexible.

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Column: Dems unfairly target charter schools

If charter school parents, teachers, and advocates don’t get serious about saving schools in 2018, they may very well not have safe, high-quality schools left in many communities — urban, suburban and rural.

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Column: Liberal policy scary as violent behavior

Each of the Democratic candidates for governor has promised to ban these schools and to force tens of thousands of Michigan kids out of the schools that help them succeed and back into the failure factories they fled. Beyond their rhetoric, Democrat promises are almost as scary as their violent intolerance.

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Column: Incentivize talent with lower taxes

Want to get serious about attracting talent? Want to create a talent pipeline from one corner of the state to the next? Want to grow the state’s budget by injecting it with thousands of new taxpayers, so we can finally “fix the damn roads?”

Then let’s not blow workers away with $20 billion in new taxes. Let’s tell all those families we want to attract we’re willing to let them keep more of their own money.

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Column: Republicans getting the job done

What a difference eight years makes. Our public schools are being funded at a higher level than ever before, and they’re now anticipating the biggest single-year funding boost in nearly two decades. Not that you’d know it listening to Democrats and their union shills.

They’ve made big headlines this year with chants and hyperbole claiming Democrats are the answer to greater public school investment. Unfortunately for them, the facts and data tell a very different story. Republicans, it turns out, get the job done.

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Column: Issues that matter this election

Personalities matter, but so do issues. This year in particular, amidst a hyper-divisive political environment with an angrier-than-ever-before 24 hour news cycle, it’s the big issues and how candidates up and down the ballot respond to them that will drive voter sentiment and, eventually, behavior.

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Column: Michigan’s comeback took work

No wonder Michigan unemployment hit 14.9 percent by 2009, as families fled the state just to make a living. But the economic carnage really was unnecessary.

Michigan’s turnaround has been one for the books. Let’s keep it going.

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Column: Embrace a freedom agenda

Eliminate the personal income tax. Let’s try this again. The state House this year tried and failed to roll back “temporary” income tax hikes instituted by the state’s most notorious job killer, former Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. They should try again – and again – until they find a way to keep their promise of income tax relief for Michigan workers. Granholm’s tax hikes need to be permanently blown-away.

Pro-freedom policy changes in recent years have made Michigan better. But it’s renewal requires a lot more relentless positive action. The operative word being action.

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