Greg00011 McNeilly is one of Michigan’s most aggressive political strategists with 30 years of experience in campaigns and issue management.

Currently, McNeilly is Chief Operating Officer for The Windquest Group, a Michigan-based, privately held enterprise and investment management firm.  Windquest’s focus is not political.  McNeilly’s political activities are separate and apart from his corporate responsibilities.

Concurrently, McNeilly is CEO of FightHard, a campaign and issues management firm providing winning services to ideas.  Additionally, he serves as President of the Michigan Freedom Fund, which is focused on protecting Freedom to Work rights.

In 2017, McNeilly served as manager of Betsy DeVos’ U.S. Senate confirmation as Secretary of Education.

In 2006, McNeilly served as campaign manager for Michigan gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos.  While unsuccessful at the ballot box, National Journal cited the DeVos effort as the  best run Republican challenger of the cycle.

In 2005, he served as Strategy Director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee under Chairman Elizabeth Dole (R-NC).  McNeilly was the Executive Director of the Michigan  Republican Party during the 2004 re-election of President George W. Bush under Chairman Betsy DeVos.

In 2002, McNeilly served as the strategy and communications consultant to Don Carcieri’s winning gubernatorial campaign in Rhode Island.

McNeilly was also Executive Director of Choices for Children, a Michigan-based education reform advocacy group.   He remains a Board member of the Great Lakes Education Project  (GLEP), which continues fighting for greater taxpayer accountability, higher quality and parental choice in government-run k12 schools.

Political and Communication’s Director are posts McNeilly staffed for the Michigan Republican Party prior to 2000.  Additionally, he served as the Senior Research Director for the Michigan Senate Majority Communication’s Office and has been a campaign manager for congressional and legislative candidates.

McNeilly resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his husband and two children.

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